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The office interiors of a company must be a faithful reflection of its values, principles and core philosophies. Therefore, more and more companies include in their strategic plan to communicate their values through all possible channels and, among them, a key factor is the attention to office design. Companies have reorganized their spaces not only due to technological progress, which requires offices to adapt to the most modern technologies , but also because they are increasingly following the most popular design and decoration trends and transferring them to office design.

At Prashmi interiors, we specialize in interior design, architecture, office construction, adaptation of office equipment and furniture. We will help you define a workspace layout for your office that completely matches its personality. Through our office interior design services in Kanpur, we will give your office a makeover that is a true reflection of its values, down to the last detail.

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Prashmi Office Interior Design In Kanpur

What we offer?


Complete Design (And Redesign)

We attend to the last detail until your office is completely finished, furnished and labeled.



Our goal is to offer you value for money, we offer the best and quality services within your budget.



Space organization, innovation and sophisticated solutions are some of our key features.


Personalized furnishings

We look for the furniture that best suits your needs, & personalize the finishes of the same.


Optimal solutions

We work on the distribution & space organization that best suits the needs of your company.


Technological Innovations

We make use of the latest digital tools to offer you the best of technological advancements.

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Office Interior Design In Kanpur

Why Choose Us?

The culture, philosophy, activity, values, brand and employees of a company must be reflected in all areas of the company’s office. At Prashmi, we understand the importance of having a productive workspace that is pleasing to work in at the same time. Thus, we are committed to providing you with one of the best office interior design services in Kanpur.

We specialize in projecting and executing works and installations of all kinds of offices for companies and professional firms.We offer you solutions that best suit your needs, budget and preferences, and are in sync with the corporate image of your company. We attend to the last detail of your installation, from the technical and administrative project to obtain your license until the office is complete in every sense. Our experience and track record in advising, selling, installing and adapting furniture and construction elements for office spaces and commercial environments has been phenomenal. With a customer service of recognized excellence, we have created some long term- relationships with our clients.

The Prashmi Advantage:

  • Careful study of modeling.
  • Careful evaluation of materials.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Team of expert designers, creatives and specialists.
  • Continuous investments in research & innovation.
  • Best quality / price ratio.

Glimpse of Our Office Interior Work in Kanpur

Cohesive Designs that come together beautifully

FAQs of Office Interior Design In Kanpur

Whatever your query, we answer

If you are looking to renovate your office or working on creating a new office space, we suggest you hire us for our exceptional office interior design services. We have worked on several projects in creating office interiors according to our client’s requirements,adding our own finishing touches to make the office space a true reflection of the organization.

At Prashmi, we specialize in designing and decorating all kinds of offices for companies and professional firms. We work on projections and executions of all office design works and installations, down to the last details, including technical and administrative aspects necessary for the correct operation in the day-to-day of your company and its peculiarities and essential facilities.

First of all, we work on the distribution and function that best suits the needs of your company , we propose the jobs and departments that are necessary, the reception , the meeting rooms , offices, files, office and other spaces that make up most of these facilities. Then, we solve the technical aspects for the efficient day-to-day working of your company that involve an initial investment and maintenance as optimized as possible. We also take special care of the design of your office, the shape, so that it is unique and different.



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