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Your bedroom is an Intimate place, where you are your most comfortable self, a place where you relax and rest. Which is why it is as worthy of attention as any other area of your house, even more so. It is appropriate to say then that your bedroom deserves the best of everything. Furnished with your dream furniture consisting of bedside tables, bed, chest of drawers, mirrors, paintings, wardrobes, etc that make up for your personal space. At Prashmi, we take care of the decoration of your bedroom and your comfort so that you have a space you can call your own and where you can just be yourself.

A good interior design requires expert and talented hands that know how to materialize all the decorative wishes of our clients. Our team of professionals in interior design come with several years of professional experience in home designing and decoration. The process is very complete: from the creation of the personalized design for your stay to the final installation. And best of all, you don't have to worry about a thing!

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Bedroom Interior Decoration In Kanpur

Stunning aesthetics

Complete Design (And Redesign)

We attend to the last detail until your office is completely finished, furnished and labeled.

Wide Furnishing Range

Discover our wide and complete range of multifunctional designer furniture for your bedroom.

Tailored solutions

Our services are completely tailored to your personal taste, needs and circumstances.

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Unique Ideas

Creative and original ideas, full of freshness that bring something unique to the table.


Stylish yet functional designs to get the most out of your bedroom and keep it clutter free.


We believe in proving solutions fulfilling cost-effectiveness yet providing maximum effect.

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Bedroom Interior Designer In Kanpur

At Prashmi, we create a cozy, personal and intimate space for you with our comprehensive interior decoration service. Our team of professionals in interior design has a clear objective: the satisfaction of our clients. We take care of everything. At the same time we also include you in the process by helping you select the best furniture, fabrics, decorative objects or wallpapers for your home.

Our interior design services are tailored to your personal needs and are fully customizable.Therefore, we take care of the decoration of your home and your comfort from the beginning of the project to the final installation. We combine decorating ideas, home accessories , and everything that you will need to make your space unique and call it your own. Our consultants listen to your needs and visualize different solutions and can help you create a bedroom of your dreams.

The Prashmi Advantage:

  • Careful study of modeling.
  • Careful evaluation of materials.
  • Best quality / price ratio.
  • Team of expert designers, creatives and specialists.
  • Continuous investments in research & innovation.

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Designing Delightful Spaces

FAQs of Bedroom Interior Design In Kanpur

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Prashmi offers one of the finest bedroom interior decoration services in Kanpur. Whether you are looking to furnish, renew or renovate, we offer you personalized advice and solutions so that you may get the house of your dreams.

Furnishing your home can be frustrating. When you hire an interior decorator, you:

  • Don't waste time turning various furniture factories.
  • Don't make style mistakes .
  • Don't waste money: only what you need, only the best products.

Hence, you need a professional decorator who understands your needs, your tastes, your visions, and transforms them into reality without wasting resources. Hence, you need a good interior decorator like Parshmi.



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