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Your living room is the central place of your house. In fact, this is where you spend most of your time consciously, receive guests and visitors, watch TV or read the newspaper and so much more. Which is why it is important that you feel comfortable in this space. Prashmi Interiors is one of the top-rated living room designers in Kanpur.

We create designs for your living space that seamlessly blend with your own ideas and concepts, and infuse it with our own creativity so that you have a cozy, stylish yet functional space. Our craftsmanship and our products radiate luxury, reliability and creativity. As a customer you are assured of a personal approach and all possibilities are used to meet your wishes.

Living room interior decoration in Kanpur

Living room Interior Decoration In Kanpur

Adding classy touch to your space.

Smart And Practical Room Layout
Smart and practical room layout

We prepare a floor plan with layout that gives you a good idea of ​​the 'new' arrangement of the furniture and various functions in the room.

Assembling Materials
Assembling Materials

We bring together all the materials required for your living space including furnitures, lighting and fixtures and all other elements that create the style and atmosphere that you desire.

Deciding Colors For Your Interior
Deciding colours for your interior

Keeping in mind your preferences we help you decide which colors fit well in the room and contribute to the atmosphere you want to create for your room.

Living room interior decoration in Kanpur
Smart And Practical Room Layout
Style and atmosphere overview

Once everything is in place, we see that all the interior elements together in an overview give you a good impression of the final result and that the space is used as optimally as possible.


Our modular kitchen solutions meet every need for quality, space, budget and taste.

Put The Finishing Touches
Put the finishing touches.

We pay attention to every tiny detail by adding the finishing touches wherever required. By styling the space with appropriate accessories you finish it off and make it complete.

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Why Choose Us?

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When it comes to home interiors, everyone has their own style, modern, design, timeless or yet classic. We design and create tailor-made interior designs by seamless integration of colours and materials, and all the other necessary elements that play a major role in defining your home interiors.

We have a vast experience as interior designers and so we know that there are always possibilities for your space! You just need to know which ingredients suit your lifestyle and space and we tend to give exactly that to you. Because your housing wishes are personal and each room requires its own approach, we will look together to find out what will help you best.

The Prashmi Advantage:

  • Careful study of modeling & evaluation of materials.
  • Best quality / price ratio.
  • Team of expert designers, creatives and specialists.
  • Continuous investments in research & innovation.

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Creating Statement Interiors

FAQs of Living room Service in Kanpur

You ask, we answer

Hiring an interior designer can help you avoid costly mistakes that can save you money, time, and headaches. A designer can help you stay within your budget, save you money and effort. Due to the knowledge and experience we can give you an initial assessment of your situation, and thus guide you through the processes and solid action plan for your project.

At Prashmi, we offer you comprehensive interior design decoration and remodeling consulting services, ranging from planning to execution, purchase of materials, lighting, selection of furniture and accessories, etc. We can help you design/ redesign every area of your house or office, creating an efficient, functional and pleasant space to live and work.

We do not stick to a particular style. Our styles and concepts are dictated by our clients' preferences, home/ office architecture, also keeping the budget in mind. We avoid exaggerated styles, and instead try to find ways in which we can highlight the personality of our clients that is reflected in the space they desire to decorate.



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