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“If you can organize your kitchen, you can organize your life” - Louis Parrish

Building a good kitchen can sometimes be a task that requires a lot of effort, especially when you have to choose the furniture and materials that will make up for the kitchen storage in a way that all the pieces fit together perfectly. Not only should it be functional but should also be aesthetically pleasing. An option that allows you to save time while also getting the best out of your kitchen layout is modular kitchens.

A modular kitchen is not only the perfect alternative to renovating your kitchen from top to bottom, but also provides for a much easier installation than the traditional kitchens. At Prashmi Interiors, we have some of the best modular kitchens in Kanpur. Choose between different styles, colours, designs, and layouts of modular kitchens at a very affordable price.

Best modular kitchen in Kanpur

Best Modular Kitchen Design Services in Kanpur

Modular designs for modern minds

Wide Range

Wide Range

Discover our great range of products & designs where you will find a wide variety of options.

Elegant Designs

Elegant Designs

Our designs speak volumes. Explore sleek, modern, and elegant designs for your kitchen.



Space organization, innovation and sophisticated solutions are some of our key features.

Flexible Solution

Flexible Solutions

Wide catalog of modules that can be integrated with a variety of household appliances.



Choose the kitchen that best represents you. Personalize it your way and make it unique.



Our modular kitchen solutions meet every need for quality, space, budget and taste.

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The kitchen is the heart of the home. Hence, at Prashmi, we offer durable and robust kitchens, in tune with the expectations of our clients. We create modern and classic kitchens using the highest quality materials, and amazing aesthetics that are versatile and highly customizable. With our modular kitchens, you can take advantage of the space with practical solutions. They are designed for all types of spaces and for all tastes. You can customize your modular kitchen down to the smallest detail.

We take pride in the quality and speed of our work. We take absolute care of our products so that, from the moment we receive them until they reach their destination, therefore, the materials do not lose quality. Our modular fitted kitchens, a great time saver.

The Prashmi Advantage:

  • Careful study of modeling & evaluation of materials.
  • Best quality / price ratio.
  • Team of expert designers, creatives and specialists.
  • Continuous investments in research & innovation.

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Designing Delightful Spaces

FAQs of Modular Kitchen Service in Kanpur

We help you define the new age designs concepts

If you are looking to renovate your old kitchen or working on a new one, we suggest you check out our great range of modular kitchens in Kanpur. We collaborate with designers, creatives, industry specialists, capable of capturing new design trends and translating them into a stylish yet highly functional space.

Prashmi offers you the best quality/ price ratio for modular kitchens. We cater to all budget requirements, hence the cost of our modular kitchen in Kanpur also on the affordable side. Our kitchens offer a great value for money and last over time. This is because we use high-quality materials, which are produced and assembled by high-level technicians and designers.

At Prashmi we offer you stylish, robust modular kitchens that always deliver excellent performance. We present you with highly performing arms to facilitate the opening of the wall units, slowed down hinges for the smooth closing of the doors, drawers and baskets tested to withstand the maximum loads, infinite possibilities of customization to make your kitchen modern and uniquely yours!



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