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The living room is the most living place of the family which is not only cozy and luxurious but also is a primary space for relaxation and entertainment. In any family, a normal working day begins at the door of the living room and ends after greeting the whole family behind the living room door. Therefore, it must meet the family culture criteria.

At Prashmi Interiors, we offer package design packages for each different home specifications. One of the leading living room designers in Lucknow, we design beautiful living rooms for you and your family. Whether you are looking to renovate or renew your living room for a culturally correct family living space or decorating a new one, we are here to give you the interior of your dreams. Whatever your style is, we have the most beautiful design and decoration projects for your fabulous living room.


What we offer ?

Luxurious living room interior design in Lucknow

Attention to detail

We detail each specific item from raw materials to size, area, etc before designing with the most careful survey of your space so that it matches with your vision.

Meticulous planning

To design a beautiful living room, we understand that whether the space is small or the space is large, and we always have the right design plan and design packages.

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Experienced Professionals

A highly skilled team of professionals will advise in detail on area, furniture, materials, and many other issues that may arise during construction of your living room.

Affordable Luxuries

To help customers save costs, we design packages for each different home specifications. And all-inclusive package packages are different for each of your living rooms.

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Why hire Us?

As your living room decorator in Lucknow?

At Prashmi, we offer a variety of styles blended with functionality in family living room design, from classic to contemporary. We take your goals and visions into consideration and combine, modify the design according to your own opinions. We provide you with quite elegant design ideas for your living room, from inspiring pieces of art and eye-catching furniture, decor pieces that you wouldn't even think of, unusually designed furniture, revolutionary materials in your living room. Our designs reflect luxury and elegance with its high-quality plans and projects.

We are the leading interior design company in Lucknow. With us, you will not have to worry about luxurious living room designs as well as the process, design and construction costs. Do not hesitate to call us for any kind of information or advice, we will surely help you!

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Designing Delightful Spaces

FAQs of Livingroom Service in Lucknow

Whatever your query, we answer

A good interior designer company like Prashmi shapes the interiors of your home. We simplify organizing your space with every element that makes a house a home. This work requires a wide range of knowledge, like basic knowledge of architecture, wood industry for furniture design, and an up-to-date view of domestic and international design trends and products. We have a qualified team of professionals who will give you your dream interiors.

The design of the living room should be decorated in an organized and planned way. If you need an interior designer who listens to you, adapts your home, apartment, your personality to your habits, you should hire Prashmi Interiors as your decorators. Our main virtue is our excellent cooperation with you and we believe that creating a home that is inspiring and enjoyable creative work, not a source of stress.



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