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Home furnishing with Prashmi is a real pleasure because we offer high-quality interior design services in lucknow, and well thought-out interior solutions - from concept and design to implementation. At Prashmi, we breathe new life into your homes by creating comfortable yet functional spaces that are adapted to your style and needs.

We are committed to creating breathtaking characterful spaces. As one of the top interior designers in lucknow our creative team is always looking for new trends. We combine experience and knowledge with the collaboration of a wide spectrum of suppliers and craftsmen and develop unique spaces tailored to the needs and wishes of our customers.

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  • We make wishes come true.
  • We design unique spaces that convey the essence of the residents and generate positive, warm emotions.
  • We offer refined and luxurious designs, with attention to detail, to create exclusive spaces.
  • Our work is focused on and tailored to the preferences, tastes and lifestyle of our customers.

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Our Method


Personal Meeting

During the first meeting, our designers understand and clarify what the customer's preferences and wishes are. The price level and expectations for the final solution are also agreed.


Designing interior solutions

We create the first mood boards according to the wishes of the customer. We take into account the current interior trends, the wishes of the customer and the predetermined price range.


Visualization and budgeting

To get a general insight into the end result, we create 3D renderings and a specific budget. At this stage it is already possible to give opinions and specify the details of the design.


Professional Execution

Our personal designer ensures that all projects are completed on time and that they exceed quality expectations.


Developing your ideas

We are committed to meeting the needs of our customers: After talking to the customer and understanding their needs and wants, we visit their property and collect the necessary information to carry out a custom project.


Tailor-made pieces

We can bring any piece of furniture you can think of to life, and design it to your specifications and needs of your space.


Details to fall in love with

Discover our wide range of decorative items to fill any room with a touch of sophistication. Hire our interior decorators in Lucknow to live a full reality turnkey experience.


Budget-Friendly options

With the agreed objectives of the project, we prepare a design proposal - free of charge - including images and a detailed, final budget.

Our Interior Designing Services In Lucknow

Glimpse of Our Interior Designing Work in Lucknow

Lavish, bespoke designs that are a reflection of you.

FAQs of Interior Desiginng Service in Lucknow

Prashmi is one of the best interior design company in Lucknow. Our company is built on values of design, innovation, quality and professionalism. We believe that luxury should not always come at a price tag, and hence, we strive to give you your dream interiors within your budget without compromising o =n the quality of work.

An interior design company such as Prashmi offers you complete 360 degree services in interior design of your home, from initial design to finished work. They will provide you with skilled professionals and a team of experts who will give you the best suggestions for your interiors. An interior design company will also help you in minimizing cost and saving time by procuring the best material and resources for you.

At Prashmi we offer you an extensive range of interior design and decoration services in Lucknow. We help you with complete modeling/ remodeling or renovation of your home, including bedroom, living room, modular kitchen, bathroom, etc. We are also experts at designing modern office spaces. Contact us to know more about our work methods, price quotation, etc.



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