What Are Some Extraordinary Colors in the Kitchen?

Tired of those typical and vintage colors in your kitchen area? White, gray, and wooden decors are some of the must-have kitchen trends for this year. However, if your heart craves bolder and more extravagant hues, go for it! After all, it is about making your kitchen a more remarkable place for you.

It's not for nothing that they say that a good party always starts in the gourmet room. Believe it or not but the colors of your Kitchen can influence your emotions, mood, and appetite. Thus, they must be chosen in a way that evokes pleasant feelings in you.

Kitchen colors: how to make the right choice?

First, consider the size of the room: in general, light colors like vanilla, beige, greenish, or bluish could be a great choice for small rooms. On the contrary, large open spaces and kitchens connected to the living room can handle darker shades. Dark colors like black, burgundy, or blue could be chosen for the kitchen if it is an essential and dominant element of your home. The amount of light present in your room acts as an important factor that influences the choice of colors. Dark colors absorb light like a sponge, so if you don't have enough of them in the room, you better avoid them. On the contrary, pastel tones will enliven the kitchen and you will not feel cramped. Bright colors have the least tendency of fading over time.

Do not combine too many colors. You don't want your kitchen to look like a paint palette. Choose one or two main colors to achieve a sophisticated and timeless look. Definitely, a swatch book will help you to have an idea of exactly how these colors will look together. All you need to do is add colors to it. If you are from Kanpur then hiring a professional modular kitchen dealer in Kanpur would also help in this.

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Cheerful kitchen accessories

In order to make your kitchen more organized and alluring, apart from adding colors you can brighten it up with some elegant accessories. It won't cost you as much as a new kitchen, but you'll definitely liven up the space.

Colorful kitchen faucets will amaze your guests. You can choose between pleasant natural tones or extravagant colors: yellow, orange, green, red, or blue. Match the color of the chairs, cutlery, or plates and glasses to the faucet, you will get a fantastic color accent.

A colorful kitchen for a few penny

You don't want to spend too much and you have an old kitchen at home? Paint it yourself! Of course, you need to be a bit skilled but you can do it playfully with your passion and determination. Sometimes it's enough to paint the walls or replace the handles on the cabinets. Kitchen sinks are also a way to revive it. While there's nothing wrong with having a stainless steel sink, consider color variations in dark natural tones, which lend a luxurious look to the countertop.

Whether you're planning a complete color change or just a revamp in the form of accessories, choose the colors you love. Decide the colors that will make you cheerful, after all, you will be living with them every day. In Prashmi Interio you will find many quality kitchen accessories that will improve the functionality of your kitchen.